Directions EMEA 2017: NAV/SQL Performance in a Nutshell

Please find attached the presentations-slides (“Safe for Work” Edition 😉 ):

No worries, this session will not bother you with annoying technical details about performance optimization! I will try to describe – in simple terms – the general challenges, approaches and necessity of tuning and troubleshooting. This should help you – Dynamics Partners, Resellers and Consultants – to explain to your customers, why there actually are “performance issues” and how they could be resolved (mostly); also highlighting the value of upgrading and potential risks with Cloud scenarios.

Directions EMEA 2016 – SmartQuery Tuning

NAV/SQL Performance – Optimizing [not-so?] Smart-Queries


Query- and Index-Tuning in general are the most important aspects in optimizing performance in Dynamics NAV. Since NAV 2013 here a new “challenge” was introduced: SmartQueries! These SQ often turn out not being so smart at all, then causing seriously degraded performance and user-experience.
In this session it will be explained how to troubleshoot such issues, discussing options about diagnosis and resolution; also highlighting the special challenges in Cloud based scenarios.


Please find attached the related download-package containing the PowerPoint slides, Examples and essential Tuning Scripts.

Directions EMEA

NAV TechDays 2016 – Announcement

Registration is now open for NAV TechDays 2016, from 17th-18th November 2016 in Antwerp/BE.

Attend the greatest NAV conference in the world here:

As before, there will be also several pre-conference workshops – but this year there’ll be TWO workshop days – 15th & 16th November 2016!
Due to the throughout positive feedback I’ll – again – present the workshop “NAV/SQL Troubleshooting Essentials“. This is a compressed version of the regular “Masterclass” training which normally takes two days. Though, we have decided to still run the ONE day workshop (= compressed content) and repeat that on day number TWO!
This should give you the chance to attend two different workshops at NTD if you like; also I’m able to present the content to a greater audience, as in the past my workshops have been fully booked very quick.
See the sessions (yet not complete) and workshops here:

Looking forward to meeting you in Antwerp!