Magic 7

Long time no see – it’s about time!

Today – 1st August 2019 – I decided to proudly publish the “Magic 7” scripts to the public!

7 Generic TSQL Scripts to Troubleshoot SQL Performance Problems

The M7 bunch of scripts should help the EXPERIENCED Troubleshooter to quickly identify bottlenecks and to develop/implement appropriate solutions.

Download Magic 7

The M7 scripts are published under GNU General Public License (V3, 29 June 2007)

It’s a collection of some basic but essential stuff I use daily (among other tools) for many years to get my job – troubleshooting & performance optimization – properly done.
Admittedly, these thingies are just doing the “grunt work”, of course there’s much more to do in terms of database tuning …
These scripts are more or less permanently “under construction” and constantly expanded and enhanced, e.g. targeting new issues or dealing with new releases of SQL Server.

I want to encourage you to share your experiences with the “Magic 7” and maybe contributing to it, making it better with every mission!